Yoga Marketing That Doesn't Suck

How to be more powerful, popular, and influential... without looking like a dick.

eventually I'll make a cool trailer - but you can see my slides here... and read what others are saying below.

Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck is a 2 hour class about how to be more powerful, popular, and influential.


It’s advanced cult-of-personality stuff. It’s about using your social media/email/life/products/stories/teaching to turn yourself into a larger-than-life persona… you exaggerate, you reveal, you create mystery, you fascinate, you transform.


Here's how it works:


Instead of doing what many yoga teachers do, which is attempt to influence with credentials (RYT-10,000!) and demonstrations of physical ability - we use a much more powerful basis for connection: stories and shared values.


By harvesting raw material from your own life experience, shaping it into purpose-driven stories, and strategically sharing them with your audience, you create a much more powerful bond with the reader/viewer/yogi.


You'll use the platforms you're already using (FB, IG, Email, Snap, etc.) to create a similar relationship as the one she or he has with their favorite series-fiction (or television) character(s)... a relationship where he or she is actively thinking about you and wondering what you're going to do next. (instead of just mindlessly double-tapping your Instagram posts)


Sprinkle in some voodoo social proof, and presto! You have yourself a celebrity-esque "mystique."


☝🏽This is how you build influence. And fascination. And true loyalty. And hey, if you wanted a cult... this is how you'd do that too.


You don't need to be a great writer or some internet genius to do this stuff. I'll teach you everything you don't know and the rest is just practice.

There are some technical glitches... and when I reshoot the course, it will be at least $500. But you can have this one for $300.


PS - as always, I either delight you or you I don’t want your money. Do it.

PPS - i’ll send you the videos and my slides immediately.

@strongcamps, D.j. Murakami

"I was sucked into the story you were telling and loving the technical flaws during the presentation, your honesty, the realness. I saw the principles on the slides being manifested through your presentation."

"Hey Ryan, I watched your Yoga Marketing That Doesn't Suck presentation and found it a bit overwhelming and hard to follow but I jotted down all the gems I could find. There seemed like lots of actionable steps I could implement.

The next day I got stoned and watched the video again. I finally started grasping the concepts. I was sucked into the story you were telling and loving the technical flaws during the presentation, your honesty, the realness. I saw the principles on the slides being manifested through your presentation. While I had the "steps" written down the day earlier, I had a mindset shift the next day.

Today I posted a silly video for the first time on my page (it did well!). Now I'm going to send out my first newsletter of the year. Thanks for the kick in the ass I needed!"

@evacollins, Eva Collins

“Just finished watching it and holy shit you are a stealth fucking tiger, and I didn't even see it coming!

I wasn't sure what I could learn, I was assuming stuff along the lines of "be yourself and how to be original" but really my mind was blown, and I am so hooked. I'm saying that and I've paid for huge group programs in online marketing and $5k in a one on one mentorship. So I'm sitting here like WTF? I feel like I got the behind the scenes secret shit that's really potent and amazing and makes me feel sooooo excited about sharing whatever it is I'm teaching, being myself and "marketing myself."


Randomly one of the things I really loved and I got to see how much you care is the lazer lights at your 6am class and the story of the incense play where people parked. I was just like FUCK I love that. It's so original and fun. “ - Eva

@fuzzywuzzykaaaaa, Kyle E.

"I was nervous spending the money... I feel like an idiot. Wasted time being nervous.

“Listening to this presentation all day and going back over through it, sparked so many ideas but haven't conceptualized any of them quite yet. I was nervous spending the money and getting the presentation and it being too advanced for me or not applicable because I don't have a huge following.......I feel like an idiot. Wasted time being nervous.


Still really nervous about posting and putting myself out there. But I do have a moral obligation to do it. To share me with the world. I have to spread my awesomesauce everywhere. (Probably should have said awesomeness.)


I know it will continue to be a struggle to put myself out there. But simply put these two hours were some of the most empowering applicable words spoken to me about being me. It turns out marketing isn't as scary as I thought it was going to be. It's all about being ME. “ -Kyle