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Making these #randomtalkingvideo has been such a cool experience.

Previously I would've looked at other yoga accounts and tried to emulate what I saw. That didn't even cross my mind today.

I actually feel really, really comfortable with myself. Even when it isn't a perfect little package.

And you know what?!? It's making me feel better.

Nazareth Bedoya


Part of an online job application I just submitted was a 1-3min video saying why I'm right for the job...


Before RTV maybe I would've flinched.


After after filming myself so much, it was just another RTV.


Part of the "you never know how this is going to help" reason to make RTVs!




Blaire Elysia 


I will say this:


Using #randomtalkingvideo as a developmental tool has improved my ability to effectively communicate concisely.


The flip side of this is that it actually ends up taking longer to do in-person events.


People are more engaged with my message. I'll take it.




Amanda Break