Social Media Advertising that Doesn't Suck

Learn the Exact Method We Use With Our 1-on-1 clients

  • Designed to take you no more than 1 hour to set your ad account up like you were one of our clients

  • Nine videos. 3-15 minutes long. Tactical, how-to step-by-step.

  • The Custom Audience Checklist we use to build ad accounts for our one-on-one clients

  • No fluff. Just tactics and checklists.

  • Instant access on any device

I just created my HOT28 list. Once again Ryan and Kassidy have delivered. I learned so much from just 3 of the slides, none of it is something I would have figured out on my own without dedicating weeks of time and effort.

- Jennifer

BONUS: Plug & Play Ad Templates

We’re also throwing in our 3 ad templates:


Ad template #1: Use this ad to bring in new people who have never heard of you but are likely to be interested in you into your HOT28. 


Ad template #2: Use this ad to bring your HOT28 closer to buying your product. 


Ad template #3: Use this ad to close the sale. 

 Ryan, Kass and Jen....THANK YOU for  the pressure and the pushing. I've upped my game. 3 ads running constantly, quit my timelapse vids and swapped for actual teaching, getting 20+ comments consistently.


 I've created a funnel from my 1.5k email, which in 2 days has managed to get 60 people, who from there have 45 of them have spent $$$!





My audience is growing. More shares, likes, comments, follows and subscribes this week than before implementing these things.


Those accounts reached with my recent posts 83% were not following me which is great! Homeschooling 4 kiddos right now while growing my business and it feels fun.


If you are someone who has a small following, has been posting consistently and has helpful content the tools are awesome and WORK!



I’ve used the HOT28 strategy to run ads for an online yoga class benefit I’m doing to donate $ to one of my students for making masks for local healthcare workers.


I’ve had 31 sales so far this week alone and have now had many people buy that I don’t know!