The Best Yoga Class in the World

How to Use FRC/Mobility stuff in a one-hour vinyasish yoga class... without scaring everyone away.

This is how I use FRC/mobility principles in a vinyasish class… there are PAILs and RAILs and CARs and passive-range liftoffs and passive-range holds, and lunges, and irradiation/tension principles and all that stuff.


I don't want to make a fancy webpage - so just try this shit and if you don't think it's rad as fuck - I'll give you your money back... although if you're here, you've probably seen enough of my stuff to know it's going to be sick.


But here's what someone else said:

"My favorite part is the way you kept your audience in mind the whole time...

... you weren’t just making this video for practitioners but for people who teach yoga and want to incorporate more FRC stuff into their yoga.

In particular, your audience from IG. You kept telling us why you were having them do the different positions and explaining why you teach it the way you do. This makes us the audience feel way more connected to the end result. It wasn’t just a detached, watching your class through a computer screen feeling- you succeeded at bridging that well.

I think you could be on to a whole genre with that style- classes for teachers kinda thing. I’ve been bastardizing my personal yoga practice for years to the point where I think it is more of a hybrid thing, but was hesitant about teaching it that way. I’ve slowly been bringing in FRC stuff and things I learned in physical therapy. Last week I had students doing the ankle PAILS/RAILS that you did.” -Ana W.