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Risa Gabrielle 

Dear Ryan and Kass, 


I want to thank you. This stuff is working. I just got back from vacation to these requests: 


* From a studio to host a yoga for sleep workshop (without me having to pitch them first - it's now scheduled for this year) 

* To be interviewed by a London magazine as a sleep expert! (which I did today)

* More private client for sleep therapy! 

* From a fellow teacher to help with some sleep-themed sessions for one of her corporate clients 


Just to name a few. This is all while I was away, on vacation, technically not "working" on it. Gaining notoriety in my field while I literally was off playing, letting the content I've created on Instagram through your tutelage do the work for me. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Rabbit Hole is Currently Closed.

We're busy working with our Rabbit Hole members...


see you next round, or the next time we re-open!


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Your stuff has changed my entire perspective of Instagram, marketing, emails and personality. Rabbit Hole is legit AF and had given me the courage to do what I want to do and not be sorry for it.


Rabbit Hole specifically has been helping me hone in on my focus and get past the bullshiz so I can do my thing. I’ve also felt less anxious about IG in general. Like followers and like and stuff I don’t really care about much anymore.

Jake Zelinger, @jakezelinger

So much where do I start....

* New connections with fabulous people who think like me
* Confidence in myself and my message
* Creation of my first online programme to help people define their relationship to alcohol
* The ability and guts to be real and not apologise for it
* 50 new email subscribers
* Creation of a regular email to subscribers
* Sharing of testimonials without feeling like I’m selling
* Passion for connecting with people and sharing how I can help them
* Feeling of doing something worthwhile instead of just sharing perfect photos
* Freedom from perfection to just be me

I love all I’ve learnt from you all.

Rachel Hanberry, @rachelhanberryyoga

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